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STS-90 – . Call Sign: Columbia. STS-85 landed the next day, at Kennedy Space Center at 11:08 GMT. Touchdown was at 12:20 GMT at Kennedy Space Center. On April 8 the OMS engines ignited at 17:30 GMT for the deorbit burn, and Columbia landed on Runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center at 18:33 GMT. On September 26 Atlantis closed its payload bay doors, and at 11:06 GMT fired its OMS engines for a three minute long deorbit burn. On October 1 cosmonaut Titov and astronaut Parazynski conducted a spacewalk from the Shuttle payload bay whereas Atlantis was docked to Mir. Payload: Endeavour F12 / Spacehab Double Module. Payload: Columbia F20 / EDO. Payload: Atlantis F20 / Spacehab-DM. Payload: Spacelab Long Module 1. Nation: USA. They retrieved 4 MEEP (Mir Environmental Effects Payload ) publicity packages from Mir’s SO module and installed the Spektr solar array cap.

Spacehab Double Module – . Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: STS-85. STS-85 – . Call Sign: Discovery. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Anderson, Dunbar, Edwards, Joe, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas, Andrew, Wilcutt. Crew: Anderson, Dunbar, Edwards, Joe, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas, Andrew, Wilcutt. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Crouch, Gernhardt, Halsell, Kilrain, Linteris, Thomas, Voss, Janice. Crew: Brown, Bursch, Casper, Garneau, Runco, Thomas, Andrew. Crew: Brown, Curbeam, Davis, Robinson, Rominger, Tryggvason. Backup Crew: Dunlap, Mukai. Backup Crew: Titov, Vladimir. Crew: Baker, Mike, Grunsfeld, Ivins, Jett, Linenger, Wisoff. Crew: Clervoy, Collins, Eileen, Foale, Kondakova, Lu, Noriega, Precourt. Motion sickness can final quite a long time if you get very sick. Even individuals can schedule a consultation with this phenomenal medical marijuana pharmacy. There are many natural cures you may attempt for depression. Suicide threat: There appears to be an increased threat for suicide with all antidepressants, particularly if you first start taking them. The first ‘orbit’ round Mir was complete at 03:15, and the second was accomplished at 04:02 GMT. The CRISTA-SPAS-2 was making its second flight on the Space Shuttle and represented the fourth mission in a cooperative enterprise between the German Space Agency (DARA) and NASA. Deployed and retrieved the CRISTA-SPAS-2 (the Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for the Atmosphere-Shuttle Pallet Satellite-2) designed to review Earth’s center ambiance.