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Vapor Apparel Men's UPF 50+ Long Sleeve UV (Sun) Protection Performance T-Shirt Large Pearl Grey

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In need of UPF/UV Sun protection shirt that you can count on for the life of the garment wet or dry? That fishing shirt, sun block shirt, swimming shirt, UPF shirt or UV shirt that will deliver superior sun protection, performance and moisture wicking? Then look no further, we have the ultimate shirt for you. Our Solar Performance UPF 50+ long sleeve t-shirt is the perfect addition to any active outdoor lifestyle. It offers superior sun protection, with UPF 50+ UV protection built directly into the fibers of the fabric. We offer a UVB% Block of 99.92 after 25 washes. We call it UPX50+ because of the extra ultraviolet protection it provides to our customers. The 4.1-ounce, microfiber fabric is both breathable and lightweight. The fabric is enhanced by an innovative mechanical stretch, which decreases dry time and feels light on the body. The Vapor Solar Performance shirt is ideal for hot summer days when you need it most. Use this shirt on the boat, or as a stylish cover-up at the beach or pool. Even in cold weather the Solar Performance t-shirt is an excellent choice for fishing trips, or sunny days on the ski slopes. The Solar Performance UPF t-shirt is built with our PURE-tech moisture-wicking system permanently infused in the fibers of the fabric.

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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The Guardian

IOC: Brazil's political turmoil will 'inevitably' affect Rio 2016 Olympics 12/09/15, via The Guardian

Boats sail close to the Pão de Açúcar, or the Sugar Loaf, in Rio's Guanabara Bay. Photograph: Buda The IOC also asked Brazilian organizers about the severe water pollution in Rio that affects the sailing, rowing and canoeing venues. A new round of 

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Moving the Sport Forward 12/08/15, via Scuttlebutt Sailing News

But today (December 8, 2015) it was announced that the world governing body for the sport of sailing yacht racing is called World Sailing. Scuttlebutt There is now also World Rowing, World Swimming, World Hockey– they're the ones off the top of my

Sailing rowing camping boat

Competition winner of the professional section of the Royal dutch rowing and sailing club "De Maas", for a rowing sailing camping boat. The brief was strict, the.


The Sailing Boat

The Sailing Boat


317 pages

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The ISAF’s volunteer President is the CEO. He can and does call the shots as long as he has the backing of his Executive Committee (also all volunteers). And the Executive Committee almost always backs the President because they all want to succeed him as President, and only those who are in “harmony” with the President have any real chance to succeed him down the road. More like an American-style COO, the Secretary-General is expected to be an order taker from the President and Executive Committee — to execute policy not make it. At best, he or she can try to convince the President and Excom to adopt a... But since ISAF has dozens of committees, also staffed by volunteers, whose job it is to recommend policy in their specialist area, the Secretary-General can’t progress policy proposals without stepping on some committee’s toes, or at least without... Even if he convinces the President, Excom and specialist committee, final decisions must still be approved by the “Council” — the officers plus 40 or so senior regional delegates who, in American terms, are the Board of Directors. But the Council looks, sounds and acts more like the UN Security Council than any corporate or even non-profit board you’ve ever seen. As Dennis Conner likes to say (not about ISAF, but it’s equally applicable here), “You can always bet on self-interest because that horse is ALWAYS running. ” Council members are supposed to articulate their region’s/nation’s views but in the end vote what’s best for the sport. however, more often than not they just vote their home country’s party line. In the case of the Soviet bloc, before the Wall came down, their delegates would show up and vote as they had been instructed at meetings, often months earlier, back in Moscow or East Berlin. They wouldn’t — indeed couldn’t — change their rhetoric or votes. Often they had no idea what we were discussing, but they always knew how to vote. Indeed, for a period in the mid-90s the USSA (then USYRU) leadership tried to dictate positions to our delegation — tie our hands — via a meeting several weeks before the IYRU/ISAF conference. Smart people (and great sailors) like Ding Schoonmaker and Andy Kostanecki, and others of our era, spent an enormous amount of time studying the issues, communicating with reps of other countries and our own, and were very good at finding... My experience, almost always, was that what was good for the sport as a whole was also good for the USA, or at least we could adjust a bit and deal with it more easily than smaller countries could. When any national federation insists that its delegates go to ISAF meetings and simply regurgitate and vote the party line, it ties their hands to negotiate, to compromise, to find solutions that work for the greater good. Regardless, this still is the sense you get at Council meetings — delegates with their hands tied by mandates from from the mandarins at home. With over 100 voting delegates, one per country, the GA meets once every four years to rubber stamp the President’s quadrennial report, the Treasurer’s report, approve bylaws amendments, and elect the slate of Vice Presidents and the President to... Yes, one vote per country to elect ISAF’s quadrennial leadership. The USA, GBR, FRA, BRA, GER, CAN, NZL, AUS, ITA, ESP, DEN, SWE, NOR and other prominent sailing nations have the same one vote at the GA as the many small countries (e. g. , Venezuela, Fiji, Ukraine, Pakistan and some 75 others). In another era, back in the 70s and 80s, the current President’s father — the late, great Beppe Croce (ITA) — led the organization (as President) with flair and resolve. Paul Henderson (CAN) was President from 1994 to 2004, and also did an outstanding job. A sailor’s sailor, Paul had the time, energy, and personal resources to work full time as President, and worked hand-in-glove with Arve Sundheim, his handpicked and superb Norwegian Secretary-General/COO. He helped the classes rather than trying to control them, and supported the pro areas of the sport (notably by protecting their TV rights) without trying to govern them. Today the sport is entirely more professional and commercial (for better or worse, but it is), yet ISAF is essentially the same amateur/volunteer organization, and structure, set up in the early 1900s to unify racing and rating rules in Europe and...

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Join Teddy and his furry friends for a delightful boat ride in this adorable sing-along board book, Teddy Bear Sing Along, Row, Row, Row Your Boat. This classic title from acclaimed photographer David Ellwand is filled with charming photos of old-fashioned teddies and antique toys as they sail gently down the stream. While they explore new scenes on every page, little ones can play a sweet rendition of the childhood classic "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" by pushing a button. It's a merry magical adventure for even the youngest readers.

$15.52 (dba Shopping)
First You Have to Row a Little Boat


In the bestselling tradition of Harold Kushner and Robert Fulghum, this inspiring little volume uses sailing as a metaphor for embarking upon the journey of life. Sailors and non-sailors alike will be enchanted by this simple yet compelling book which sheds a magical new light on the age-old search for self.


Rowing And Sailing Boats

Empacher (company name Bootswerft Empacher GmbH) is a manufacturer of boats, especially for the sport of rowing. Originally building sailing yachts, it was founded by Willy Empacher in 1923 in Königsberg, East Prussia. In 1952 they started producing racing rowing shells, an enterprise that has become their main business today. They are currently based in Eberbach, Germany.
Empacher rowing shells are used by a large number of crews rowing in international competitions, including World Championships and the Olympics. Boats built by Empacher are easily identified by their pale yellow color and black trim. Empacher produce every FISA-recognized racing boat category.
They are recognized as being one of the best manufactures for the 8, with all but the USA (who used a Hudson) using the Empacher during the 2008 Olympics.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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Wandsworth Bridge: Woman Dies After Row Boat Capsizes In Late-Night Outing On The Thames - 12/09/15, via Huffington Post UK

A woman has died and a man was hospitalised after their rowing boat, seen above, capsized in the River Thames An RNLI Chiswick spokesman told the Evening Standard that both the deceased and the man were "taken to safety" and put on Plantation Wharf ...

Donkey rescued from flood by rowing coach - 12/07/15, via Horse & Country

The donkey was then cut off by rising flood water. With time running out, the charity couldn’t find anyone with a boat to help - until a coach with Kilorglin rowing club came to their aid. Mike Fleming jumped in his boat with friend Declan and set off to ...

Woman dies in late-night boating tragedy on the Thames near Wandsworth Bridge - 12/09/15, via London Evening Standard

A spokesman from Battersea fire station said the boat, which was submerged in the water, could have been a kayak or a rowing boat and it was unclear why the two people were on the river. The spokesman added: “Both were retrieved from the river by the RNLI.


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Canoes Kayaks Rowing Boats Sailing Boats Motor Boats Surf and Paddle ...
Canoes Kayaks Rowing Boats Sailing Boats Motor Boats Surf and Paddle ...
... Cruiser is a serious rowing and sailing boat for coastal cruising
... Cruiser is a serious rowing and sailing boat for coastal cruising

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