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Drift Boats and River Dories BYFletcher

by Stackpole Books;
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4to size hardcover

BEST Kayak Anchor for Canoes, Jet Skis, Dinghy, SUP, Paddleboard & Small Boats – 3.5lbs Galvanized Iron - Anchors Include a 40 FT Marine Rope, Buoy Ball & Stainless Steel Hook - Yak Angler Fishing

by BEST Marine and Outdoors
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  • ★ EASY TO USE - Simply lift the collar, fold open the 4 flukes and slide the collar back down to lock into place. Use as much rope as possible to create better horizontal drag on the bottom surface of ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans.
  • ★ RISK FREE PURCHASE - You're protected by a 1 year, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. Don't be fooled by imitating competitors selling inferior anchors.
  • ★ IDEAL SIZE - Our folding anchor is 12in x 3in when closed and inside the nylon storage bag. It takes up minimal space and can easily be stored in kayaks, canoes, dinghys, stand up paddle boards or any type of small personal watercraft.

Product description


Our kayak anchor is a premium 3.5 lb folding grapnel anchor made from galvanized iron and contains a 40 foot polypropylene rope made for better horizontal drag.

Our anchor is uniquely designed compared to the other small anchors on the market.

First, ours is made of high quality galvanized iron. Unlike the other painted anchors that flake and eventually rust, our anchor doesn't flake and is 100% resistant to rust.

Our anchor  also comes with a 40ft polypropylene rope that is designed for marine applications and is long enough to be used in most situations.

Our heavy duty nylon bag protects your anchor and makes transportation and storage easy.

How to use our anchor?

Simply raise the sliding collar, open the 4 iron flukes, slide the collar down to the base of the anchor and twist, locking the open flukes into position. Our anchor is designed for small, light watercraft in calm water situations. It may not hold in currents, moving water or strong windy conditions. Works best in rocks or weeds.

Our Philosophy

We believe in “100% Guaranteed”. It represents both our philosophy of sharing the best of times with our loyal customers and our promise to deliver a premium anchor to you, your family and your friends. We pride ourselves on customer service and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Yak-Gear Molded Paddle Clip Kit

Yak-Gear Molded Paddle Clip Kit

by Yak-gear (Kayaks & Canoes)

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Yak-Gear Double Handle Kit

Yak-Gear Double Handle Kit

by Yak-gear (Kayaks & Canoes)

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New York Times

Finding Alice's 'Wonderland' in Oxford 11/13/15, via New York Times

She heard the sound of the oars splashing in the water as the boat made its way up the Thames from Oxford, and of her sisters Lorina and Edith giggling, but mostly she heard Mr. Dodgson weaving a tale about another Alice, a little girl who had fallen

Suffolk News-Herald

Trading with the Nansemonds 11/14/15, via Suffolk News-Herald

Their visit on the island had attracted the attention of many onlookers on the shore, and some “desired us to goe but a little higher to see their houses: here our host left us, the rest rowed by us in a Canow, till we were so far past the Isle the

Driftboat Rowing 101

Captain Mike Batcke demonstrates the basics of controlling and maneuvering a driftboat.


Float-Fishing Strategies

Float-Fishing Strategies

Published by Stackpole Books 2014

ISBN 9780811744188,0811744183
273 pages

This revised edition of Drift Boat Strategies (978-0-817108-887-1) includes new in-depth info on dry-fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing from a boat. Covers tactics for trout, smallmouth bass, salmon and steelhead, and shad; how to avoid river hazards; and advice on choosing and outfitting a boat.

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Unprepared, unprecedented: Remembering the 75th anniversary of the Armistice ... - Winona Daily News

As paperboys struggled against an increasingly fierce wind, the papers they lodged behind porch doors and mailboxes carried the rather benign prediction of “cloudy and much colder tonight and Tuesday with occasional light snow. By the time the next issue of the Winona Republican-Herald hit the porch Tuesday afternoon, 75 years ago today, 49 people across Minnesota — nearly half of them in the Winona area — had lost their lives in what was likely the most severe storm... Armistice Day 1940 dawned drizzly but mild, a break from the seasonally raw cold and drenching rains of the previous few days — so much rain that an unplayable field forced cancellation of the annual football showdown between Winona State Teachers... But early temperatures rising through the 40s to near 50 were a near-irresistible lure to duck hunters as men and boys, taking advantage of the Armistice Day holiday, pushed off toward marsh and backwater, shotguns at the ready, but many of them... To the south and west a deepening low pressure system was sucking warm, wet air up from the Gulf of Mexico and simultaneously pulling frigid arctic air out of Canada, sending them swirling in what has been described as an inland hurricane as... Worsening weather conditions went unnoticed at the regional federal forecast center in Chicago, where employees were enjoying a day off. But at 10:40 a. m. in Winona, local weather observer J. R. Johns took note of an abrupt shift in the wind from east to west and a precipitous drop in temperature — 8 degrees in 15 minutes, from 50 to 42 degrees. Out on the river, hunters took note of the shifting wind as well, but for a different reason. With the west wind came ducks, ducks by the tens of thousands, flying before a storm that the gunmen below still had no notion was coming. That afternoon, the paper’s banner headline told of 50 mph winds and towering drifts that had all but buried Marshall, Minn. , and the surrounding area and sent temperatures in the northwest plummeting into the single digits below zero. And the storm was headed east. In the sloughs and backwaters, the winds picked up and a chill rain turned to sleet, then snow as river channels grew choppy, as wind whipped waves challenged the efforts of men rowing in shallow boats to get ashore and to safety. With the wind and the waves came dark, snow and ever-deepening cold. On islands and in marshes men and boys were stranded without shelter, desperate to keep warm, desperate to survive. Seventeen men stranded on an island a mile and a half above Minnesota City joined forces to build a roaring bonfire sheltered by duckboats piled up as a windbreak and fed with dry limbs they shot off trees. Whenever anyone wandering around for warmth found a dead tree, he would summon the others and all would blaze away at a single limb until the shots cut it off, Clarence Anderson told the Republican-Herald. ” Anderson said, “but we didn’t suffer so much from the cold as from smoke, as we had to practically sit on the fire to keep warm. As the winds began to die down Tuesday morning and search parties began to set out on land, by boat and by air, the bodies of those who fell victim to the winds and cold began to come ashore. By Wednesday the death toll had grown to 20, with some men still unaccounted for. Death didn’t confine itself to the river. Across Minnesota and the Midwest, bodies were pried from stalled cars, and pulled from snowdrifts and isolated spots where they had vainly sought to take refuge — estimates of the number of deaths range from 145 to 159. Beyond the tragic impact it... Chastened by its spectacular failure to warn of such a massive storm, the weather service reexamined its policies and procedures, created additional regional forecast centers and refined its methodology. they told me about that day and they remembered going out to help people. What a day. My father told me the day was simply beautiful,I imagine just as today has started out. Meteorologists have such wonderful advances and they can pass on very early warnings.

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Eleven, Thank God! Memories of a Catholic Mother


A personal side to the great 20th century theologian, distributist and Dominican Friar. A moving autobiographical study of Fr. Vincent's early years gives us a candid look into the life of a traditional Catholic family in the late 1800's. From the two children born at sea, to the McNabb boys rolling each other down the stairs in a laundry basket, hanging from the gutters, or drifting out to sea in a row-boat with no oars; we see how Fr. Vincent's mother and father handled it all and how their Catholic faith guided them. Stands as a great apologia pro familia magna. A defense of the family that could thaw the most rigorous heart of our childless Age. - DR. WILLIAM EDMUND FAHEY


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B.C.'s Elk River a crown-jewel fishery - 11/10/15, via Canada

A good friend and supporter of The Dimestore Fishermen purchased a drift boat and offered it for us to use. With only two of us, we needed to be alert and ready at all times: one man to row and film, one man to angle. Mountain river filming is among the ...

£139 for a VIP ticket to a New Year's Eve boat party with a bottle of cava and entrance to an after party - 11/09/15, via

Join the party boat and float into 2015 and get ... evening with a bottle of bubbly. Then you'll drift past some of the Capital's favourite landmarks while you dance the night away before you get a front row seat to the biggest show in London: fireworks!

Drift boat guide saves angler from dangerous part of Oswego River - 10/15/15, via Syracuse Post-Standard

Drift boat fishing guide Capt. Chris Mulpagano saved a woman Wednesday morning who while fishing slipped and fell into the Oswego River where it flows through downtown Oswego. The angler was rescued behind the Brookfield Renewable Energy powerhouse and was ...


  1. 3 Ways to Row a Drift Boat - wikiHow How to Row a Drift Boat. Drift boats are designed specifically to run rivers and as such are incredibly maneuverable and are used by fishermen, hunters, river ...
  2. Fly Fishing Traditions: Drift Boat Rowing 101 - Part II ... Clay Your posts on drift boat 101 are giving out a lot of good information. For those of you who are thinking about getting your drift or pontoon boat out ...
  3. "How to Row a Drift Boat" Preview - Hyde Drift Boats Visit for the full video! This is a preview of LaMoyne Hyde's "How to Row a Drift Boat" Film. It shows selected clips to give a ...
The Schooner "Heritage" - Bar Harbor, Maine
The Schooner "Heritage" - Bar Harbor, Maine
We took a two hour "Lighthouse Cruise" out of Bar Harbor and passed very close to this beautiful vessel. From its website: "The Schooner Heritage is one of the newest Maine Windjammers in the fleet. The Heritage was built in 1983 by her owners, Captains Doug and Linda Lee, at the North End Shipyard in Rockland, Maine. The Heritage was launched on April 16, 1983 in front of a crowd of thousands of people, including crews from TV networks and other national media. Built along the traditional lines of the schooners that navigated the waters off the coast of Maine more than a hundred years ago, the Heritage was designed to provide passengers with a level of convenience and cruising amenities that makes sailing on the Heritage one of the best windjammer cruises around. In the four years it took to construct the Heritage, attention was given to details aimed primarily in providing passenger comfort making the sailing experience truly a memorable one. The Heritage is a...
Photo by UGArdener on Flickr
Rowing on the River.
Rowing on the River.
. ~ Photo Series ~ Nahannni - River of Quest and Legend ~ There will be another photo tomorrow, which will wrap up this photo series. I do have other photos of this trip, which will be posted from time to time at a later date. The Nahanni Wilderness Experience ! Moose Ponds * Mount Wilson * Rock Gardens Island Lakes * Moore's Hot Springs * Broken Skull River Cirque of the Unclimbables * Glacier Lake * Ragged Range Rabbitkettle Lake * Tufa Mounds * Sunblood Range Virginia Falls * Painted Canyon * Hell's Gate Third Canyon * The Gate * Pulpit Rock Funeral Range * Second Canyon * Deadmen Valley Headless Range * Prairie Creek * Dry Canyon George's Riffle * First Canyon * Lafferty Canyon Kraus Hot Springs * The Splits * Nahanni Butte ** Moose Ponds, Mount Wilson, Rock Gardens, Island Lakes, Moore's Hot Springs, Broken Skull River, Cirque of the Unclimables, Glacier Lake, and Ragged Range are not visited on the two week trip. Remembering….. (Something I wrote a few weeks after...
Photo by Matt. Create. on Flickr
Photo by echoforsberg on Flickr
Drift Boats - Willie Boats
Drift Boats - Willie Boats
rowing a drift boat raft with a rowing frame or a pontoon boat on a ...
rowing a drift boat raft with a rowing frame or a pontoon boat on a ...
Rowing Dory For Sale ...
Rowing Dory For Sale ...
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