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Kayak Anchor Kit for Canoes, Small Boats, Jet Skis, Standing Paddle Boards, Inflatables - Includes 3.5 lb Galvanized Iron Anchor, Quality Marine Grade 40 ft. Rope With Stainless Steel Hook & Buoy Ball

by Zeele Outdoor
Price: $31.76 Buy Now

  • <p>★ MUTLIPLE USES: Designed for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and kayak anglers, it safely and securely anchors you in place in rivers, lakes, ponds or calm oceans, and allows you to enjoy your surroundings, focus on your environment, bird watch, fish, take photos or just relax.</p>
  • <p>★ EXTREME DURABILITY: Painted anchors are prone to chip and won't outlast strong, galvanized iron that's naturally resistant to rust providing many years of constant use. Our 40 ft. strong and lightweight floating polypropolene rope helps create better horizontal drag enabling the small boat anchor to hold firm.</p>
  • <p>★ EASY TO USE: The simple to use collar simply spins to release the 4 grapple flukes, then locks back down to keep them securely in place. It effortlessly folds back up to 12" x 2.5", is ready for next time and is one of the necessary kayak fishing accessories.</p>

Product description

The best small craft anchor money can buy.

Our quality kayak anchor is exactly what you need to secure your small craft on a pond, lake, river or even a calm ocean. It's made from premium quality hot-dipped galvanized iron that is 100% rust-resistant unlike other painted anchors that will chip and rust over time.

The included 40 foot marine grade polypropolene rope can withstand the elements and the extra length will help you create horizontal drag for maximum hold on sandy, weedy and rocky, uneven bottoms.

The anchor, rope, buoy, and stainless steel S hook conveniently stows in the included nylon bag, and will be ready for use whenever you are.

Any kayak angler who is serious about catching fish needs to know they can concentrate on catching their prize, and not wrangling for position at the same time. The Zeele Outdoor kayak fishing anchor is ready when you are, and is a necessary kayak accessory that will make your days out on the water even more enjoyable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

At Zeele Outdoor, we stand behind our products and you can be rest assured your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our customer service team is here to help and answer any questions you may have. So enjoy your fishing, bird-watching, or whatever your favorite water activities may be, and you can count on our anchor to be there for many years to come.

DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag with Exterior Zip Pocket | Keeps Gear Safe & Dry During Watersports & Outdoor Activities | Rugged 500D PVC with Shoulder Strap & Reflective Trim | 10L Grey

by Såk Gear
Price: $20.95 Buy Now

  • REMOVEABLE ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP: Sling the strap over your shoulder to easily tote your bag anywhere. Or attach the strap to your boat or kayak to keep your bag conveniently at hand.
  • 10 LITERS & 20 LITERS, YOUR CHOICE: Both sizes feature our sleek, simple design - no tacky slogans or garish logos. Plus, both are fully guaranteed: Love our DrySak or your money back!
  • KEEPS YOU SAFELY VISIBLE AT NIGHT: Reflective trim around pocket zipper helps ensure you'll be seen. Plus, it helps you spot & retrieve your bag if it ever falls overboard.

Product description

With its tough waterproof fabric, our DrySak protects your gear from virtually anything Mother Nature can dish out. Plus, it offers UNIQUE extras such as a zippered exterior pocket & reflective trim!

Exclusive Splash-Proof Pocket Gives Easy Access to Small Essentials

No need to open up your dry bag and rummage around for your wallet & keys. Simply stash those must-haves in the DrySak's outer pocket. Never again will you have to expose your other belongings to the elements when you simply need your ID! This pocket will even hold most small cameras or cell phones. (But to be on the safe side, always seal all electronics in zip-lock baggies before storing in the pocket.)

Reflective Strip for Night-Time Safety

Your DrySak's handy zippered pocket serves another purpose, too: Its reflective trim keeps you visible in the dark!

Tough Waterproof Construction Protects Your Valuable Gear

Your DrySak may be lightweight and pliable, but don't be fooled - it's built to endure! Each bag features:

• Thick, rugged 500D fabric, vinyl-coated for watertight protection
• Welded seams to seal out water, sand, mud, and snow
• Detachable adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport
• Roll-down top, which provides a waterproof seal when closed

Premium Packaging, Perfect for Gift-Giving

Forget those chintzy poly-bags! Your DrySak comes in a clear, reusable PVC case with snap closure & full instructions. Makes an impressive gift!

Order Now - It's Guaranteed!

If you're not happy you are protected by our 90-day money back guarantee, simply return for a full refund of your purchase price. Add to cart now, for you & all the kayakers, boaters, hikers & other adventurous people you know!

Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat Red Currant, S

Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat Red Currant, S

by Ruffwear (Dog Clothes)

Prices range: $79.95 - $79.99 (4 stores)

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Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat Red Currant, L

Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat Red Currant, L

by Ruffwear (Dog Clothes)

Prices range: $79.95 - $79.99 (3 stores)

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News Feed

Idaho State Journal

A greenhorn goes whitewater rafting 10/22/15, via Idaho State Journal

In one tight spot, a big log had jammed on the left side, and there was a small spot to get by on the right. Naturally, I hit the log dead center. Somehow I was able to back up without I about got my Jon boat sucked in under a big snag when my two

International New York Times

Blending in, With Modern Touches, on a Lakeside 10/22/15, via International New York Times

There is a pond close to the house, and by the water's edge a wooden jetty provides a seating area and platform from which to fish or paddle a boat. “We are sorry to be moving on, but are relocating for reasons of work,” Mr. Hague said. “We enjoyed

Fishing Small Mouth Bass from a Paddle Boat

CanadaFisherman. com - In this video, I take you small mouth bass fishing in my paddle boat. This was shot on Buckham's Bay near Constance Bay,.


Popular Science

Popular Science


212 pages

Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

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A greenhorn goes whitewater rafting - Idaho State Journal

It will probably hit you as strange, but I’ve only rafted the rivers in Idaho a handful of times and the faster ones only twice. So when Vance Poulson with Weld Pro asked me to float a river last Saturday in one of his Raft Pro rafts, I jumped at the chance. The plan was to drift a low-key river that wouldn’t kill me but would still allow us to test out the rafts. I met him at his house, and we pumped up the rafts, slapped them together and loaded them up. They’re only 54 pounds, so they are easy for one guy to handle. He makes a canvas container that straps on the side to hold gear, a fishing rod and so forth. On the back of the raft, there was a flat rack to strap on a cooler for overnighters. We soon had all the gear loaded and were pushing off. Vance said there were at least 50 nice fishing holes nearby. We wouldn’t have time to hit them all, but we’d do a little fishing. At the first nice hole we came to, I tied on a Black Woolly bugger and hung a nice 14 to 15-inch rainbow. He went ape crazy and came 2 feet out of the water two to three times. We were mainly floating, but we did fish quite a bit, too. I didn’t keep count, but Vance had to have netted at least a dozen fish. At first, it was a low-key float. But soon we started hitting some Class II waters. Like I said, I’ve only floated the semi-swift rivers twice, and that was with someone else driving the raft, so my skill level is nonexistent. It seemed like I had an uncanny ability to turn right when I needed to be turning left and vice versa. I was also fairly successful in hitting every protruding boulder. In one tight spot, a big log had jammed on the left side, and there was a small spot to get by on the right. Naturally, I hit the log dead center. After a while, I was able to make it while Vance patiently waited. It’s easy to get in trouble fast if you don’t know what you’re doing. I can see how white water rafting could be addictive. It’s just that the logs worry me. I about got my Jon boat sucked in under a big snag when my two girls were little. We’d drift through some tighter chutes, and then it’d open up into some nice holes. I’d driven by this river a million times, but I never realized how many nice holes it had that are only accessible by floating. There were also a ton of little hot springs seeping down rock walls into the river. I found one side of a nice buck rack, so I had to strap that to the raft of course. Vance is a skilled rafter, and I learned a lot from him. He cautioned me to watch it while paddling in shallow water because it’s easy to hang a rock and snap off your paddle. For this reason, we both had an extra one strapped on our raft. That’d be a bad deal to get into the old proverbial “up a creek without a paddle” scenario. I know it was only my first time, but I didn’t feel like I did any good at all. I couldn’t hit the slots right and hit too many boulders, all of which could flip you in faster, rougher waters. This is going to take a while for me to get a hold of. It finally got time to leave, so we kicked it up a gear the last 2 to 3 miles. We’d spent a little too much time fishing. I can see how these rafts would be the ticket for floating rivers and fishing. You can hit a lot of waters that no one else can fish. I also asked him about the possibility of putting a trolling motor on one for lake fishing. They’d even hooked a small gas motor on one and jetted around. Hmmm, I may have just found a new assault weapon for me and Kolby to fish from. Tom Claycomb lives in Idaho and has outdoors columns in newspapers in Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Louisiana. He also writes for various outdoors magazines and teaches outdoors seminars at stores like Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop.

Source: (dba Shopping)
Folding Boat Fender (Small White)


Color: Small WhiteProtects boats better than 6 traditional fenders. Fold up to a very compact size, easy to stow or use it as a cushion. 6 Blocks of durable closedcell foam are sealed inside. Pictured in Blue. Available in various sizes. Constructed of UV & puncture resistant marine grade vinyl & polyester trilaminate. Small fender:. For low profile boats, including jet boats, ski boats, bass boats & sailboats. Great for tying or screwing to docks. Open dimensions: 7.50 ft. L x 15 in. H. Folded dimensions: 15 in. L x 15 in. W x 4 in. H. Foam bumper: 612 in. L x 6 in. W x 2 in. H. Medium fender:. For medium profile boats, pontoons, deck boats, houseboats, sailboats & cruisers up to 30 ft. Open dimensions: 7.50 ft. L x 22 in. H. Folded dimensions: 22 in. L x 15 in. W x 4 in. H. Foam bumper: 620 in. L x 6 in. W x 2 in. H. Large fender:. For higher profile boats including cruisers, performance boats, pontoons, deck boats, sailing yachts & houseboats. Great for tall docks. Open dimensions: 9 ft. L x 26 in. H. Folded dimensions: 26 in. L x 18 in. W x 6 in. H. Foam bumper: 624 in. L x 6 in. W x 2.50 in. H. Warranty Information

$38.20 (dba Shopping)
Davis Telescoping Paddle


BTelescoping Paddle/Bbr/br/Paddles are required by law in many states aboard PWCs and small boats. Team adjustable paddles stow easily and telescope to 3'9" (50 to 115 cm). The bright orange paddle end doubles as a signaling device. Made tough for years of hard use. br/Adjusts from 20" to 3' 9" (50 to 115 cm) br/2 sections: 1" and 11/8" (25 and 29 mm) tube diameter - cis: zeApfl3OD+g= -br bProduct: /bDAVIS TELESCOPING PADDLEbr bManufacturer: /bDAVIS INSTRUMENTSbr bManufacturer Part No: /b4330br bUPC: /b011698433001


Small Paddle Boat

Paddling with regard to watercraft is the act of manually propelling or navigating a small boat using a blade that is joined to a shaft, known as paddle, in the water. The paddle is also used to steer the vessel and may either be a single bladed or double bladed . The main differences between paddling and rowing is that the item used to manually propel or 'row' the boat, known as an oar or sweep, is connected to the boat by an oarlock whereas with paddling, the paddle is not connected.
Rowing has an ancient history in the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and in Egypt (which is in northern Africa). Generally, rowers face towards the back or aft end of their craft, whereas paddlers always face towards the front or bow of their craft.
Rowers can however face forward and row the boat forward either by means of a special mechanism, or else by using a different technique of oar handling. Examples of this are in Italy during an historical re-enactment of a rowing ceremony known as the Vogalonga (the long row) that takes place annually in Venice, Italy. Small boats in Asia can be seen where the boat operator is standing or sitting, facing forward and manning a pair of oars.
Oars can be paired,

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Bing news feed

The Least Serious (But Possibly Most Fun) Adventure Race - 10/22/15, via Men's Journal

He surveys the crowd of some 200 paddle-clutching questers and attempts to ... One challenge on the boat was Giant Jenga, but instead of small wooden blocks, questers made towers with slabs of two-by-fours. "Normally we'd be making laps and running into ...

East End’s Vicky Park voted People’s Choice as Britain’s best open space - 10/22/15, via Docklands & East London Advertiser

Family of ducks at the park lake An official presentation is being staged next Thursday in The Hub community building in the park with a small family fun day organised ... Making a splash... children paddle in the park lake, 1950s The park today has ...

8 close calls with whales - 10/21/15, via Mother Nature Network MNN

PHOTO BREAK: 13 animal-shaped buildings In this first video, a pod of humpback whales moves in close to a fishing boat while the whales do a little ... in the video below is more hair-raising, in no small part because the divers put themselves in a ...


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Photo by roseannadana on Flickr
Houston, we have a problem...
Houston, we have a problem...
The combined weight of 2 people, a dog and a small tree proved too much for the canoe in shallow water. They had no idea..... !
Photo by Carolyn Lehrke on Flickr
2012-05-05 sm boat meet 119A
2012-05-05 sm boat meet 119A
This is over on the shore at Atsena Otie Island. The boats sail, motor or paddle over and everyone admires and enjoys. -- You'll find more photos I took of Cedar Key on friday and Sunday here in this set:
Photo by creativelenna on Flickr
Paddle Boats | Pedal Boats | Paddle Boats For Sale | Kennedy Pontoons ...
Paddle Boats | Pedal Boats | Paddle Boats For Sale | Kennedy Pontoons ...
children adult paddle boats - Fwu-long Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.
children adult paddle boats - Fwu-long Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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  • salhaa__ RT @bitterarab: Iraqi school girls paddle a small wooden boat across a river, as they head to school. 2015, Najaf, Iraq.…
  • Sadler08 'Boat' 'a small vessel propelled by oars, paddle, sails, or motor' #TheApprentice
  • ellodana RT @bitterarab: Iraqi school girls paddle a small wooden boat across a river, as they head to school. 2015, Najaf, Iraq.…

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