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Dry Bag Sack, Waterproof Floating Dry Gear Bags for Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Rafting, Swimming, Camping and Snowboarding (Yellow, 10L)

by Unigear
Price: $39.99 Buy Now

  • WATERPROOF GUARANTEE: Provides waterproof protection for your phones, camera, clothes, and documents from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt
  • PACKAGE: Waterproof/snowproof/dirtproof universal size touch friendly phone bag fits all smartphones up to 6 inches diagonal size, credit card, wallet and money
  • SHOULDER STRAP: Comes With an Extra Long Removable and Adjustable Shoulder Sling for Easy Carry and Transport

Product description

Dry Bag Size:

5L, 38cm*29cm

10L, 49cm*31cm

20L, 58cm*36cm

30L, 65cm*38cm

40L, 70cm*47cm

Phone Bag Size: 18cm*11cm

Note: To ensure a waterproof seal, be sure to roll the top a minimum of 3-4 times and securely close the buckle.

Pelican Paddle Boat Cover

by Pelican
Price: $81.86 Buy Now

  • Tylor fit to Pelican Monaco, Rainbow and Cascade models
  • Should fit other paddle boats to 63" x 91"
  • Easy to install

Product description

Keep your boat clean when not in use with this handy mooring/storage cover.

Pelican Flashlight HeadsUP Lite LED HandsFree Black

Pelican Flashlight HeadsUP Lite LED HandsFree Black

by Pelican (Flashlights & Lanterns)

Price: $30.54 (1 stores)

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Pelican Black 1610 Hard Case With Padded Dividers

Pelican Black 1610 Hard Case With Padded Dividers

by Pelican (Other Boats & Accessories)

Prices range: $286.24 - $299.99 (3 stores)

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“I'm getting cabin fever," Bass said moments after paddle-boating her way to dry land. “I've gotten For the most part, she succeeded, save for parts of her garage and an outdoor shed, where the wooden roof rotted and threatened to collapse. She's

Parts of the boat - Paddle Education

This video is about the parts of the kayak. From the bow to the thigh braces, learn all the parts of a kayak in this video.


Companies in Canada Doing Business with Japan

Companies in Canada Doing Business with Japan


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Searching for Pelicans

Let me start this post by saying I have the bestest, most patient husband in the world. He indulges my wild _____(bison, moonrise, sunset, bloodmoon, wildlife, nature) chases, driving the car until I spy what I'm looking for and yell, "stop here. " Today it was pelicans. Pelicans in Oklahoma. That's exactly what I said. Last year, I read somewhere about a Pelican Festival at Grand Lake. For some amazing reason, because I can't remember what I walked into the next room for, I remembered this and looked it up last Thursday. It was happening Friday & Saturday. Apparently, the American White Pelican stops at Grand Lake every year on their migration to the coast. Thirty-four years we've lived here and never heard of this. Not being interested in another small town festival, I suggested a Sunday drive to see if we could spot the pelicans on our own. Thus began. Top down and coffees in hand, we enjoyed a Sunday morning drive 68 miles to the northeast. (Yes, we missed church. We discussed spiritual matters on the way. First stop on the map. No access, no birds. After a detour to Monkey Island, where the beautiful Shangri-La Resort is located ("island" should = easy access to water - and pelicans - right. Only if you're rich. ) it was off to the next clipart location. We pulled in & drove as close to the lake as possible. We look up & it's full of blackbirds or crows. Hubby says, "look, pelicans. Those aren't pelicans. Hubby: "not them - look there. A beautiful, perfect V of white birds glide slowly & smoothly right over our heads. Me, tripping out of the car, grabbing camera: you think those are pelicans. they don't look like pelicans. Hubby: Yes, I'm sure. Those are pelicans. Camera's not on, not set for shutter speed, ISO is wrong. I was thinking we would see them flocked on the embankment and I could set up for a beautiful shot, like in the pictures I Googled. Hubby: "You better hope the wind doesn't catch that lens & you drop your camera. I didn't drop the camera. And we did have a nice time - driving on this beautiful day, talking, being goofy, enjoying the sights. The pelicans. Further research has yielded up another location to try next year :):). http://www. I'm like a human bowl of tomato soup. " ~Sheldon (BigBangTheory) "The inner workings of a church should not play out like an episode of 'Game of Thrones'. ~MG "I think my biggest achievement is that, after going through a rather difficult time, I consider myself comparatively sane. I'm not really much of a "spiritual warrior", but I will darn well beat the literal hell out of the spirit of legalism. I navigated those waters in my 30s & spent my 40s being exhausted from it. In my 50s, I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with Pharisee thinking. ~MG "Forgive & forget. " or "Pretend to forgive, then annihilate. " ~ multiple choice quiz "Life is messy. " ~JW "Game of Thrones. it's like a history test, but with dragons. " ~unknown "There are only bad options. it's about finding the best one. 'You don't have a better bad idea than this. 'This is the best bad idea we have, sir. " ~Argo "You know nothing, Jon Snow. They're soooo UN-Rock 'n Roll. " ~Rock of Ages "You have no idea what you don't know. " ~JL "Judgement died and grace was born. " ~JP "War is always the choice - of the chosen - who will not have to fight. " ~MG "I'm not paranoid. " ~Bob Dean, UFOlogist "Getting my way in all things has an amazingly therapeutic effect on my mood disorder. " ~Jaguarwoman (a 65 yr old self-taught, incredibly talented, graphic artist) Here's how the conversation went: Me: "Dad, have you ever heard about a big bunker under the Denver airport. " Dad: "Nobody's supposed to know that. " Me: "How long have you known. " Dad: "About 20 years. How do you know. " Me: "It's all over the internet. " Dad: "That damn internet. " "I'd rather wear black in August than do one sit-up. " ~Joy Behar "I've told you a million times: stop exaggerating. " ~unknown "By His grace, an American life is an extraordinary life. it's the only.

Source: Mystical Gypsy (dba Shopping)
NEW Pelican 1020 Micro Case, Solid Yellow Dry Box SALE


Pelican Micro Case Series Dry Boxes 1020 - a quality product brought to you by one of the leaders in the industry. Pelican Dry Boxes are known for their excellent value and reliability. Order this Pelican product today to get a fantastic deal! This is a Protector Case in Pelican 1020 Micro Case Series for your cell phones, PDAs, iPods, pagers and other personal gadgets and items. Pelican Micro Case 1020 Series cases are crushproof, watertight, and have an automatic purge value. Pelican cases come standard with an impact absorbing electrometric liner. Optional Pelican Pick 'N' Pluck Foam Insert is available too.



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Stone Whale
Stone Whale
"Sedna: In Inuit mythology, Sedna was the goddess of the sea and the whale was her most magnificent subject. Sedna was a winsome girl who had spurned all of her suitors and married a bird. Outraged, her father killed her husband and took her home in a boat. On the way back he threw her overboard. She clung to the umiak, so he had to chop off her fingers, one by one. Sedna turned into the huge, voracious deity of the Lower World and ruled over all the creatures that dwell in the sea. Each of her severed fingers turned into a different animal: a right whale, a narwhal, a beluga, a seal, and so forth." Or is this a creature Medusa turned her face to?
Photo by garlandcannon on Flickr
Seals and Sea Lions
Seals and Sea Lions
Driving down to Monterey, I went past a place called Moss Landing, and remembered that a friendly man on the plane had recommended it to me for kayaking. Half an hour later I was sat in an orange boat and getting my spray skirt affixed by a friendly lady from the Kayak Connection. At Moss Landing, you paddle down the Elkhorn Slough, a sea inlet 6 miles into land which is a prime area for wildlife watching. I saw seals, sea lions, lots of wild birds (a white pelican!) and - I think - a sea otter from afar. It was really good fun, and I think I'll definitely take the kayaking back up here in the UK. The first part of the route (i.e. getting out of the harbour, so adventurous) leads you under a bridge and there is this little bank which has about 200 sea lions, seals and sea otters on it. They all just hang around together and enjoy the sun, occasionally having a bit of a face-off or a swim. They are fantastic. Thank you, Kayak Connection.
Photo by kersy83 on Flickr
Pedal Boat Replacement Parts Boat
Pedal Boat Replacement Parts Boat
Image by
The Rainbow’s adjustable, reclining backrests ensure that up to five ...
The Rainbow’s adjustable, reclining backrests ensure that up to five ...
Pelican Paddle Boat Parts
Pelican Paddle Boat Parts
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